The Game Plan is a weekly podcast highlighting athletes’ business interests beyond the field of play. We speak with professional athletes past and present to discover the ways they are leveraging their public platform to unlock the value of their cultural influence outside the world of sports.

Why we Launched THE GAME PLAN?


Athletes have always had an outsized public presence, but until recently, the opportunity to maximize their earning potential was limited to on-the-field performance contracts or endorsement deals for the top performers.

Direct access to fans via social media and the expansion of media coverage across new distribution channels has elevated professional athletes on a global scale. With this reach, all athletes are experimenting in new & interesting ways to unlock the value of their growing cultural influence.

Equal parts insight, education, and fun, athletes, fans, and the business world alike have shown interest in what The Game Plan’s guests have to say.


What we talk about on THE GAME PLAN


We believe athletes have the unique opportunity to leverage their public platform to earn even more income post-career than they did as players. The Game Plan both highlights success stories and discusses the challenges that these athletes face. By bringing these stories to life, we hope to provide a more open and honest look into what makes our guests “more than an athlete”. 

In addition to chatting with retired players about the transition into their post-playing careers, we’ll speak with current athletes, from rookies to veterans, about how they prepare for the days after they hang up their cleats, hoping to inspire a younger generation of players to explore all their options in full.

Our goal is for fans, other athletes, and future business partners alike to see guests in a new light and to create even more opportunities for our guests around the things they are most passionate about.




Jay Kapoor and Tim Katt are New York-based VC Investors with deep networks and relationships across the sports, media, and technology ecosystems.


Our producer/editor is Enmanuel Maestre and brings his years of experience in podcast editing to make every episode of The Game Plan sound the best it can be.


Neel Kulkarni is our production associate and he does a phenomenol job packaging our content into digestable video clips that can be found across Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

About the Hosts

Tim Katt Profile Photo

Tim Katt


TIM KATT is the co-founder of TACK Ventures, an early-stage VC firm based in Brooklyn, focused on investing in game-changers across sports, media, lifestyle, and entertainment. As a non-traditional investor, Tim's experience throughout the sports, media, and cultural landscape provides a unique ear-to-the-ground perspective for both entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Jay Kapoor Profile Photo

Jay Kapoor

Founder & Co-Host

JAY KAPOOR spent 6+ years in sports and media, including at the National Football League and Madison Square Garden, before becoming an early-stage investor, most recently with LaunchCapital. Leveraging his experiences working with both professional leagues and teams, into a career in investing, Jay brings unique perspectives, insights, and empathy to the journey professional athletes will take, bridging their playing careers into their next professional steps.