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Season 1 Finale — The Game Plan: Greatest Hits

Be sure to tune into the final episode of Season 1 of "The Game Plan" as Jay and Tim take a look back and highlight some of their favorite moments from the past year including audio clips from Super Bowl Champions, Olympic Gold Medalists, All-NBA team honorees and Hall of Famers. Listeners new and old will enjoy listening to these highlights, as well as the color commentary of The Game Plan hosts Jay Kapoor and Tim Katt. We explore why these moments really stood out in a season full of insight, authenticity, and emotion. Featured guests include: Hall of Fame inductee, Olympic Gold Medalist and Sports Innovation Lab Co-Founder Angela Ruggiero USWNT member, FIFA Women's World Cup Champion, and Co-Founder of Re-Inc Meghan Klingenberg Former All-NBA Shooting Guard, Team USA Olympic Gold Medalist, and Founder of Twenty-Two Ventures Michael Redd 3x Super Bowl Champion, media personality, and Co-founder of "Mark's All-Pros" Mark “Stink” Schlereth Super Bowl Champion and founder of The Wine MVP Will Blackmon Former Major League Baseball player and Co-founder of Players for the Planet Chris Dickerson Jay and Tim also wrap the episode with key takeaways from Season 1 of The Game Plan including: ✍🏿 Athletes-Investor strategy 🔌 The power of humility and authenticity 🗣 Dispelling the "Broke Athlete" narrative 🤸🏼‍♀️ The exciting future for women's sports Special thanks to Will Richardson and Meghan Roxas for all of their help in producing and promoting Season 1 of The Game Plan. Be sure to follow co-hosts Jay Kapoor ( @JayKapoorNYC ) and Tim Katt ( @Tim_Katt ) for all things sports, media, tech, and venture capital. Follow The Game Plan on Twitter ( @thegameplanshow ) and Instagram ( @gameplanshow ) for show news and updates, to recommend guests, and for bonus content!

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Dan Kennedy — Breaking down MLS' Expansion Strategy & Driven Capital Partners Commercial Real Estate Empire

This episode of The Game Plan features Dan Kennedy , former Major League Soccer goalkeeper turned real estate investor. Dan is now Managing Partner at Driven Capital Partners in Long Beach, CA where he focuses on commercial real estate development and property management, working with other professional athletes to help them generate a passive income that will pay off well beyond the prime of their career. We start this episode by exploring the evolution of Major League Soccer and the role that rapid league expansion has played over the years. Dan shares his perspective as a player in the pivotal years of MLS, including tense moments as a member of the executive board of the MLS Player’s Association. Dan also talks about his transition from a career as a professional soccer player into a business professional, and the role business school played in helping him find his way in life beyond the pitch. We discuss his front office role with the LA Galaxy, and why he ultimately decided to change things up and pursue a career in commercial real estate development. Listeners won’t want to miss Dan’s candid point of view on what every professional athlete should be doing with their money (that most aren’t doing today). Special thanks to Tim’s former colleague Andrew Hayes for making the introduction to our guest. Be sure to follow Dan on Twitter and Instagram ( @1DanKennedy ) to keep up with everything he is doing today, as well as his investment group’s website: . If there is a guest you’d like to see join us on a future episode of The Game Plan please follow and reach out to co-hosts Jay Kapoor ( @JayKapoorNYC ) and Tim Katt ( @Tim_Katt ) on Twitter! Follow The Game Plan on Twitter ( @thegameplanshow ) and Instagram ( @gameplanshow ) for show news & updates, as well as bonus content!

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Haley Rosen — Elevating Media Coverage of Female Athletes with Just Women's Sports

Former international soccer player, Stanford alum, and media entrepreneur Haley Rosen joins The Game Plan to discuss her journey which started with her as one of the top soccer recruits in the country to where she is today as Founder of Just Women's Sports. On this episode, our guest shares how a realization that just 4% of sports coverage is dedicated to women's sports led her to pave her own entrepreneurial path. We dig into the launch of Just Women's Sports and how our guest plans to carve out a niche in a world saturated with sports content, but short on women's coverage. This includes the details of her fundraising journey. We also discuss what it's like to launch a sports-focused business in the midst of a global pandemic where almost all sports have come to a grinding halt. Haley touches on her playing career where she details the shocking differences between being an amateur athlete at one of the top college athletic programs to joining a lower league futbol club in Europe. We explore what led her to ultimately give up on her professional playing career, a reality many of our listeners will empathize with. Make sure to follow Just Women's Sports on Twitter and to sign up for the newsletter at . Special thanks to Milos Ribic for making the introduction to Haley, as well as to our producer Will Richardson who edited this episode. Follow co-hosts Jay Kapoor ( @JayKapoorNYC ) and Tim Katt ( @Tim_Katt ) for all things sports, media, tech, and venture capital. Follow The Game Plan on Twitter ( @thegameplanshow ) and Instagram ( @gameplanshow ) for show news and updates, to recommend guests, and for bonus content!

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Meghan Klingenberg — World Cup Winner on Speaking Truth to Power & Re-imagining the "Lifestyle" Brand

FIFA Women's World Cup Champion Meghan Klingenberg joins The Game Plan to share her experience as a key member of the electric 2015 US Women's National Team, and how bonds made on the pitch led to the founding of an apparel and lifestyle brand built to challenge the status quo.

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Heather Mitts — Empowering the Next-Gen of Soccer Stars as a 3x-Olympic Gold Medalist

3-time Olympic gold medalist and former member of the US Women's National Team Heather Mitts joins The Game Plan to cover everything from what it takes to have the heart of a champion to the transition of life after professional soccer.

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Gaizka Mendieta — Restaurant Investing during Coronavirus, and Journey from Int'l Soccer Star to Club DJ

The Game Plan welcomes its first international guest! a 17-year football icon and La Liga legend, Gaizka Mendieta, to talk about life after football and the challenges his businesses are experiencing in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

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Patrick Ianni — Mental Health Awareness and Changing the Culture in Youth Sports

Patrick founded Ianni Training after a playing career that spanned 9 years in MLS, the Olympics in Bejing, and being an All-American at UCLA. Through his journey of mindfulness and self-discovery, Pat realized a massive culture change is needed in youth soccer that focuses on the whole athlete: mind, body, and spirit.