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Mason Plumlee — Succeeding in Healthcare Investing as an Active NBA Player

July 8, 2020

From buying custom oversized mattresses for his Brooklyn Nets teammates to launching a tech-focused…

Basketball Investing Venture Capital

Michael Redd — How Venture Capital & Private Equity Can "Empower Through Economics"

July 1, 2020

Former All-NBA Shooting Guard and Team USA Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Redd joins The Game Plan t…

Basketball Entrepreneurship Investing

Jerome "Junkyard Dog" Williams — Creating and Monetizing Intellectual Property as a Retired Player

June 24, 2020

JYD! The "Junkyard Dog" Jerome Williams joins The Game Plan to share how the hard work and hustle h…

Basketball Entrepreneurship Investing Venture Capital

Baron Davis — NBA All-Star on Power of Athletes Owning Their Own Media Brands

June 17, 2020

Former NBA All-Star Baron Davis joins The Game Plan to discuss his success both on and off the cour…

Football Investing Venture Capital

Cliff Avril - Building a Winning Team Around You As Both Pass Rusher, and Private Equity Investor

June 10, 2020

This week's episode of The Game Plan features Cliff Avril, Super Bowl XLVIII Champion with the Seat…


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"TGP is not just fascinating guests or great interview skills. Jay and Tim also manage to draw out the essence of work ethic rooted in athletics and t…"

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"Jay and Tim ask incredibly interesting and insightful questions, and uncover really fascinating and often untold stories. They bring out the best in …"

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The Perfect Balance

"The Game Plan offers a unique perspective into the lives of the hosted athletes as they embark on life beyond the game. The podcast illuminates the p…"

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"It doesn’t matter if you know much about sports or understand venture capital - it’s so intriguing hearing how incredibly talented and competitive at…"

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"This podcast is awesome. To be honest: I’m not a sports fan - I’m interested in tech and the human side of investing. Listening to Jay and Tim gab wi…"

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"Jay and Tim are masterful storytellers and hosts of The Game Plan. Each week, they manage to surprise and delight us by unearthing never-before-told …"

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