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Informative, engaging, and unique
The duo does a fantastic job diving into some incredibly unique interviews and pulls back the curtain on athletes in a way very few have done before.

Informative and Entertaining!
Jay and Tim really know the industry well and bring out the best in their guests. Great show for anyone in the industry or looking to learn more!

A must listen!
Absolutely love this podcast! The hosts are amazing and provide great insight into the life of a particular guest speaker and how that can bring us so much advice and assistance today. Especially since I’m a huge sports fan and interested in entrepreneurship, this podcast covers it all and is perfect at anytime wherever you’re playing basketball or doing some work.

Wow. Best pod!
Sports. Business. Insights. This is such a good podcast! I learn a lot in each episode and find it really entertaining.

Amazingly unique perspectives
Tim & Jay allows athletes from all walks of life share their life experiences that we can all learn from & appreciate. Incredible to hear many unique stories and their paths to entrepreneurship.

Informative and Concise
Traditional media bombards us with information and, with respect to the latest consumer products/investing trends, tends to offer high-arching success stories— not actionable insights, which The Game Plan offers. Tim and Jay keep things short and sweet and offer valuable detail on the happenings in early-stage consumer and entertainment-oriented investing. Solid guest appearances also provide good color on what works for successful investors and what pitfalls to avoid. Can never wait to download the new episode!

Such great stories
I love to hear how folks forge their own paths to entrepreneurship. Some awesome tales in here. Love it

The rest of the story...
I love this kind of deep interview format that brings you into “the rest of the story” for the people you only knew on the court or field. Great lineup and it’s amazing to hear the first hand stories how some of these folks were able to translate success in sport into the business world.

Fan of Jay
I’m a fan of Jay’s. This podcast is fun just like his twitter feed, good content!

Such an insightful podcast
This is an awesome podcast at the intersection of sports and entrepreneurship. You don’t even need to be a sports fan to appreciate the application of sport mentality (competitiveness, creativity, quick decision making). You won’t be disappointed!

Insightful & Engaging Content
Love hearing Tim and Jay engage with athletes and give insight into their life beyond sports! This show is a must for anyone looking to learn about the intersection of sports and business.

Fresh and fun
This is a must add to your podcast roster. Jay and Tim give great insights in a fresh and fun format. Big fan.

Love this show!
This podcast is amazing. So cool to learn the business side of sports from not only super knowledgeable hosts, but also guests that are crazy well versed in specific sections of both sports and business!

The Magic of Sports
Sports is interwoven across all of American society - and high growth business applications are no exception. Whether you’re interested in building better communities, stronger teams or simply running up the score; this podcast will inspire you and help make your dreams happen.

One of my favourite podcasts
Tim and Jay are great hosts and have in depth knowledge of sports and a great way to articulate things . I would def recommend 10/10

Great mix of guests and very interesting content. They ask good questions and keep it entertaining.

Jay and Tim are awesome
Great interviewers diving into a great subject. I love the intersection of sports and business, and Jay and Tim know the right questions to ask in the space.

Amazing Sports Tech Insights
Not only are Tim and Jay incredibly knowledgeable on the sports tech and TMT space, but their guests are top notch and innovations they discuss represent the future of the space. Take the time and educate yourself!

Interesting mix of sports and biz
As a sports fan, I love hearing how athletes are tackling the business world after sports.

Insightful contents with highly produced videos
Jay and Tim have done such a great job of making sure that the things they said are insightful and the presentations are amazing!

Amazing content
Great content and informative guests!

Incredibly informative!
Really unique to hear from athletes and their endeavors off the field. Great questions and conversation.

Highly differentiated content
In a swarm of what is otherwise commoditized or “ok thanks but that was obvious” sources of content, Jay has found ways to get differentiated perspectives directly from former athletes and funnel those insights in a digestible way to people like you and me. The takeaways are not only insightful but also applicable to those looking at pursuing a career path that is slightly left of center from their own - as is the case with athletes pursuing investing in and around the sports ecosystem. At the very least, if you could not care less about the topics themselves, the entertainment value is bar none. Highly recommended.

Love this podcast
Super valuable information on investing and building your future!

Great podcast!
Jay and Tim have great conversations with former athletes and they do a wonderful using previous industry expertise to drive the conversation. Excited to keep listening!

Alex Magleby
Really enjoyed the well constructed conversation with the CEO, Alex Magleby. What a unique insight.

Inspiring, easy listen!
An inspiring and easy to tune into show with some of the most committed individuals who are putting in the work on the business front following a hugely successful career in sports.

Amazing Educational Podcast
Jay & Tim really have created a podcast that is real and full of life. The entrepreneurs they’ve brought on are very inspiring and what they share is an encyclopedia of knowledge. I enjoy listening to it while, I run! Great job guys... keep it up!!

Well done
Super insightful podcast. If you’re interested in sports and business it’s very enjoyable