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Great Questions and Analysis
Just listened to the episode with Patrick Ianni. Intelligent questions, thoughtful analysis and I appreciated the business breakdown at the end. A good listen.

Great show and premise
The first two episodes are insightful case studies in how athletes identify and work towards solving problems in their professional lives after sport.

Super interesting!
Jay and Tim are amazing. What a great podcast to listen to and learn from. Loved the second episode with Ellis Wyms! Can’t wait to for the next one 😬

A Unique Genre Intersection Wonderfully Explored
As a sports and technology fan, I’m fascinated by when the two cross over each other. However, outside of brief allusions on a Bill Simmons podcast or ESPN’s 30 for 30 “Broke”, there isn’t a lot of content out there that allows the casual fan to track how athletes are going from the money-draining disasters of yesterday to the entrepreneurial and benefactor behaviors of tomorrow. Jay and Tim’s work offers a great opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see what the real grind out, in-the-arena action is for athletes making that next career step. It’s great to hear about their past game experiences and how those are driving their current ventures!

What a fun show!
So glad I subscribed!! Pleasently surprised that this is not a sports podcast but actually a business/entrepreneurship podcast -- the guests just happen to all be pro athletes. Awesome concept. I esp. like the audio quality. The hosts' voices are smooth and soothing and the guests sound pretty crisp too! Great work by Jay & Tim - look forward to many more!

This is such a great idea!
I love how much of the discussion isn’t about sports! This is a business and entrepreneurship show with great athletes. It’s amazing the level of depth and discussion Tim & Jay are able to get from their guests. Excited for more episodes!

Great podcast!
An amazing and unique way to tell stories! I am looking forward to hearing more of these in future episodes!!

Love this episode and show! Can’t wait for more!!

A new category
Career sports, at least to me, has always seemed like one of the most non-relatable yet over-romanticized professions out there. I just can’t wrap my mind around playing a game you love for money—that much money. Jay and Tim create a great environment for these former professionals tell their stories, bringing the realness to the subject that I haven’t seen before. Well-produced and thoroughly engaging. Highly recommend for the sports / business crossover lover.

Great new pod
I really enjoyed the first few episodes of this podcast. Jay and Tim really get their guests to open up about their playing career and life beyond the game.

Great after thoughts
It’s great to hear about the different avenues players are taking, but I find extremely interesting to hear what the partners think AFTER they’ve recorded the episode. Helps give insight into what an investor might be thinking or looking for in your idea so you can strategize around that!

Keep up the great work boys!
Tim and Jay do a great job in diving deep into the athletes story, while asking the right questions. Like a more serious version of “The Corp.” The uniqueness of the podcast comes from the uniqueness of the guests. As athletes, these founders are coming to the table with a different set of skills, resources and challenges than traditional founders. A unique perspective form a lot of what’s out there, with plenty to learn from for fans and entrepreneurs alike.

Amazing for sports fans and entrepreneurship fans alike!
Every episode is its own fascinating peek into the lives of athletes you know and love...there is so much to learn from both their professional athletic careers and the careers they’ve chosen to pursue off of the field/court/pitch. Jay and Tim are very entertaining as well and ask wonderfully insightful questions. Highly recommend!

Excellent podcast
Jay and Tim have come up with some incredibly unique content in this increasingly crowded world of podcasting. Every current, former and future athlete, entrepreneur, investor, business person, really anyone should be listening to this. If I were a former athlete, I would definitely want to be on their podcast. Probably one of the most thought provoking, humble and powerful lines from Episode 2: “You don’t know who you are when you don’t have a helmet on” or something to that effect Great job guys, looking fwd to future episodes

Brilliant show for founders (from a founder)
Jay and Tim do an excellent job diving to the heart of what former professional athletes are looking to do with their businesses once they retire professionally. With their VC backgrounds, Jay and Tim know what questions to ask their guests in order to stimulate productive and enlightening conversations. As an entrepreneur, I found an incredible amount of resonance with the challenges, thought processes, and approaches used by the show guests in the first two episodes I’ve listened to. This show is now one of the few places I go to in order to reflect on challenges, and brainstorm solution frameworks to consider.

Great insights!
I really like this series! It’s great to hear the perspective of the athletes, and the insights Jay and Tim do in the “partner meetings” at the end of each episode is very insightful.

Interesting and engaging
The Game Plan brings a cool twist to listeners as they hear from former sports players and what they are doing since hanging up their cleats. Also, I enjoyed the behind the curtain section near the end of the interview to gain insight from Jay and Tim regarding early investor viewpoint. Interesting and I highly recommend.

Terrific podcast- impressive guests
I am a fan of Jay and what they are doing on the podcast bringing two great topics together in one show: sports and business. They approach the topic(s) in a novel way getting stories straight from the mouths of athletes and reacting with their investor POV. Excited to see what comes next.

Love this!
Such a great idea and format. Jay and Tim seem to have a great style — excited to see what additional guests and stories they uncover!

This is a very great and engaging first episode. I’ve always been interested in hearing what athletes do once they hang up the cleats. Jay and Tim’s voice and cadence are top notch!

Fills the void where Sports meets Venture Capital
I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of the Game Plan podcast. The two hosts are engaging and I especially enjoyed the ending segment where they analyzed the guest’s company from a VC-investor’s perspective. I’m glad that there is now a podcast that satisfies those people whose interest in sports and investing overlap and I’m excited to here more episodes from Jay & Tim!

I really enjoyed the first episode. The end segment where the hosts discussed the interview was especially interesting. Will certainly be adding this to my weekly podcast rotation, great job Tim and Jay!