Alex Magleby

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Alex Magleby — US Rugby Legend and "Full Contact CEO" on Building & Sustaining an Emerging Sport

US Rugby legend and CEO of the New England Free Jacks, Alex Magleby, joins The Game Plan to give listeners an in-depth look at the state of rugby in the US and where the game goes from here. On this episode our guest shines a light on the history of rugby coming to the US and shares what drew him to the game at a young age. After sustained success on the field, including three national championships at Dartmouth, our guest went on to drastically improve the US Men's National Rugby Team as head coach. We also explore the growth of rugby in the US and how CoVid has impacted Major League Rugby. This conversation includes a discussion around the role of athlete as investor as our guest describes what it's like to have NFL players Nate Ebner & Patrick Chung as investors in the Free Jacks. Listeners will enjoy hearing about how the Free Jacks are being built as a community-first franchise. Follow Alex on Twitter and Instagram to stay up on all of his latest news, and be sure to check out the New England Free Jacks at Follow The Game Plan on Twitter (@thegameplanshow) and Instagram (@gameplanshow) for show news and updates, to recommend guests, and for bonus content! You can also follow co-hosts Jay Kapoor (@JayKapoorNYC) and Tim Katt (@Tim_Katt) for all things sports, media, tech, and venture capital.