Yael Averbuch

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Yael Averbuch — How Former USWNT Member Brings The Beautiful Game to the Masses with Techne Futbol

A former National Player of the Year at the University of North Carolina and two-time NCAA Women's College Cup champion, Yael Averbuch went on to have a 16-year professional soccer career, including significant time with the US Women’s National Team. Averbuch took her leadership on the pitch and in the locker room to the board room where she played an instrumental role in the creation of the NWSLPA in 2017, serving as Executive Director until 2020. Today, Averbuch is CEO and founder of Techne Futbol, a soccer training app she launched in 2016. Always looking to incorporate new skills and techniques in the development of her own game, Averbuch found herself doing small group and individual training. Looking to expand those efforts and reach more players, Averbuch was naturally pulled into the creation of training videos on YouTube and a weekly email she sends out every Sunday featuring a new training drill. This evolution from player to teacher laid the foundation for what is now Techne Futbol; a system that helps players get better. About The Game Plan The Game Plan is a weekly SportTechie podcast hosted by venture capitalists Jay Kapoor and Tim Katt. The show features professional athletes and their business interests beyond sports. You can follow us on Twitter (@thegameplanshow) and Instagram (@gameplanshow) for show news and updates, to recommend guests, and for bonus content! Follow co-hosts Jay Kapoor (@JayKapoorNYC) and Tim Katt (@Tim_Katt) for all things sports, media, tech, and venture capital. Question? Comment? Story idea? Let us know at hello@thegameplan.show