Jan. 11, 2022

Blaine Scully — US Rugby's "Captain America" on Decade+ of Leadership Lessons and Having Humility to Start Over

Blaine Scully — US Rugby's

For over 10-years Blaine Scully donned the red, white, and blue for Team USA and led the team to 3 World Cup appearances.

Blaine says his foray into the sport was almost accidental "Rugby found me. When you find what you want to do, everything just clicks" so we discuss what that feeling was like and how the sport took him down the road less traveled playing for teams in the UK including the Cardiff Blues and Leicester Tigers.

We also discussed Blaine's great podcast and video show "Captains Code" where we spoke to leaders across sport about some of the hardest decisions they have had to make and the lessons they impart on building high-performing cultures.

This was a really fun and candid conversation with a leader on the international stage about having the perseverance to make it to the highest level... then having the courage and humility to start over.

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