Nov. 23, 2020

The Game Plan Returns for an Epic Season 2

The Game Plan Returns for an Epic Season 2

Years ahead of his time, Jay-Z declared, “I'm not a businessman; I'm a business, man.”

Much in the same way, the greatest athletes in the world are more than just entertainers on the courts and fields—they are brands and enterprises unto themselves. Properly cultivated, athletes can position themselves to turn the millions they make playing sports into potentially billions in generational wealth. Those are the crossover names we remember long after they’ve stopped playing. The Magic Johnsons. The Roger Staubachs. The Michael Jordans.

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Those kinds of entrepreneurial and investment journeys are at the heart of The Game Plan, which is joining forces with SportTechie to bring you Season 2 starting Nov. 23. We’ll drop a new episode every Monday, highlighting insights from athletes who are making the transition from people who simply endorse checks to those who write them.

The conversations that co-hosts Jay Kapoor and Tim Katt have with athletes are always wide-ranging, highlighting their successes and working through the challenges they face when it comes to business ventures and investments. But our bottom line with this podcast isn’t about money—it’s about giving you an open and honest look at what makes our guests more than just athletes.