March 4, 2020

Matt Flanagan — Undrafted Careers and Making the Most of Every Opportunity

Matt Flanagan — Undrafted Careers and Making the Most of Every Opportunity
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This episode of The Game Plan features 24-year-old Matt Flanagan, a second-year tight end in the NFL, who is keen on commercializing medical technologies when his football career comes to an end. Flanagan went undrafted in 2018 but signed with the Washington Redskins where he played alongside great tight ends like Vernon Davis and Jordan Reed. 

Before the NFL, Matt played at the University of Pittsburgh and Rutgers University before that, where he studied biology and biotechnology. This offseason, Matt is finishing his MBA at the University of Pittsburgh focused on tech commercialization. 

With Tim away this week, Matt and I chatted 1-on-1 about: 

  • The challenges of being a Division 1 athlete while succeeding in academics
  • How the current CBA impacts the NFL minimum contracts
  • His internship last year at WeWork
  • Why he is excited about wearable technologies
  • How he mentally and emotionally handles NFL free agency. 

Please follow Matt on Twitter (@MrFlantastic) and Instagram (@funkmaster.flan) to keep up with Matt on his career in the NFL and beyond. 

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