March 18, 2020

Matt Stover — Unseen Side of Philanthropy and Building Businesses after 20 Years in the NFL

TWENTY-year NFL veteran Matt Stover joins The Game Plan to share the story of his transition from two-time Super Bowl Champion to empowering athletes, entertainers, and other philanthropists to easily set up and administer their own charitable organizations.

In this episode, we’ll hear what it’s like to move with an NFL franchise in the dark of the night (Cleveland Browns) to a new city (Baltimore Ravens). Matt also talks about how the role of a placekicker is often an isolated position, and how that independent sense of diligence and drive has carried him to success in the development of the Players Philanthropy Fund (“PPF”). He also discusses the impact Ray Lewis had on his approach to life on and off the field.

In 2002, Stover and his wife formed the Matt Stover Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the Baltimore community and helping those in need through a variety of programs, outreach, and support. The administrative burden of managing a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, as well as hearing about the same pitfalls and challenges teammates faced in setting up their nonprofits, led Matt to start the PPF. We go deep on why PPF needed to exist, and all of the ways customers are utilizing its services today.

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